Friday, 4 November 2011

Dining Solutions Direct

Dining solutions direct

I remember a couple years ago having to come up with a suitable menu for the companies Christmas party that was being hosted at the managing directors house. I was working for a firm of solicitors and for some reason the boss asked me to organize a three course meal that had to be of the finest quality. I also had to make sure there were two choices of each course. I presume he asked me because as I was just a lowly office hand, or someone had stitched me up.

Dining solutions direct, what to do?

Now, if you're a beans on toast sort of guy that never really paid attention at cooking class, then you can relate to my predicament. I was literally quaking in my boots at the thought of getting all this together.
The first thing I did was hit the internet. However, when Mr Google opened up, my mind just went blank. What do I search for?
Do I need fresh ingredients? 
What meat? 
What wine?
The list of questions seemed endless and by the end of the day I was no further forward than when I started.
I went home feeling despondent, I didn't mind hard work but this was on a different level. My wife sensed my mood and asked what the problem was, so I gave her all the facts. 

Dining solutions direct to the rescue

After listening to my plight whilst doing her nails, she simply said "why don't you get hold of a frozen gourmet meal company".
I gazed at her with what must have seemed like a baffled look,
"I've heard they sort out the menu for you and deliver amazing frozen gourmet food that can be cooked from frozen or just needs to be defrosted. No preparation needed, perfect for you!"
This obviously peaked my interest and that's when I quickly went online and found dining solutions direct.
I put a call in to the company and explained my predicament to the friendly member of staff who answered the phone. Without so much as a hesitation she quickly ran through the best scenario for me.
Talk about a godsend. She put me at ease right away and made the stress of the last few hours disappear completely. I'd cracked it!
With the help of the nice lady, I had selected what seemed like a banquet and I was all set.
Day before Christmas arrived. The dining solutions direct delivery guy turned up just when they said he would. I was given a selection of boxes that had been transported with dry ice which guaranteed perfect condition.
It was so simple, most of the foods could be cooked direct from frozen. All instructions were there and I knew the order in which to cook everything.
As the food cooked, the aromas were just incredible. I could see instantly that the food was of the highest quality and all the best ingredients were being used. I had no doubt that this was exactly what my boss had in mind.
All I can say is that everyone had an enjoyable day. There was not a morsel of food left. I have never seen a group of professionals so enthused about what they were eating, or drinking come to think of it.
At the end of the night, I was thanked many times and patted on the back as if it was I who had chosen the menu and the wine list.
Credit where credits due. It was the dining solutions direct team that saved the day.
I am happy to report that for every function we have had since, I always turn to the profesionals who know what they are doing, dining solutions direct

You can contact them direct on 05601 298899 or visit the website